Are moral issues the deciding factor in casting your vote?

Then consider voting Democrat.

Some people would have you believe there are only
one or two moral issues facing the country today.

This website is dedicated to those who believe that
something has gone deeply wrong with the moral
direction of the United States.

America is losing its way, is dangerously prideful, and will
lose all moral authority unless the
voice of the people chooses a new way.

This website outlines the moral reasons that Americans
cast their votes for the Democratic Party and makes
the case that it is soon becoming the only moral
vote that can be made in national elections.

This website covers 12 areas that have been shown to
be the biggest moral "hot buttons" we face today.

Please feel free to browse these areas as they are updated,
join our blog, read our archives,
check out our links, or take a look at our book
recommendations to study more. Send us an email if you
have a question. We will post questions and answers
separately, in each moral area. Please indicate in your
email subject line which
of the 12 moral areas your question addresses.

The one state that had the highest percentage of
Republican voters is UTAH. Utah also has a higher
percentage of Mormons than any other state. So here is
a special link for Utah Mormons who believe that their
religious beliefs compel them to vote Republican.
They do not. In fact, they may compel them to do
just the opposite. Click here.