Supreme Court decision

The Supreme Court yesterday decided that the President of the United States cannot take prisoners in Guantánamo Bay and assign his own judges and courts to try them. The fact that the Executive, again, is trying to grab more power by creating kangaroo courts is just another example of why Americans need to fear the direction of the country. Defending the administrations attempt to bypass true courts and issues of habeas corpus, Ann Coulter said yesterday that the Constitution intended that we have checks and balances between branches of government UNLESS we are at war. She said, "In wartime, all of that is reversed. That's why the Constitution vests the entire commander-in-chief powers in one man, not in branches, not with checks and balances." Of course, since we are continuously at war--now and forever--because of the nebulous definition of "war on terror," we no longer can have a system of checks and balances. The Republicans have made a new grab for unlimited executive power. The President has power to declare war without congress, can detain anyone without rights by calling them an "enemy combatant," and now has attempted to disregard military tribunal rules and maintain courts overseen by the President himself. Thankfully, the Supreme Court, has seen the coming danger.