Abortion, Stem Cells

mitt romney

Mitt Romney is the new financial front-runner for the Republicans in the 2008 Presidential election. Tues, he gave one of his stump speeches at College Station, Texas outlining his plans for America if elected. He told his audience that we need more military spending, voucher programs for education, and promoted a number of other Republican platforms. During the night he went on and on about how he was a small red dot (a Republican) in a sea of blue--"blue so dark that it is almost black" he stated. Then how did he get elected in Massachusetts? Well, he ran as a liberal. He was completely pro-choice and pro-gay rights. Yet, now he has staunchly affirmed himself to be completely pro-life, and supported the anti-gay marriage amendments and legislation.
No one can watch the videos of his debates and speeches without getting queasy. But we will point you to them here. If ever there has been a Republican that will say anything to get elected it is this man. Here are a couple videos from his debates. The first affirms his pro-choice position and his assertion that he will support gay rights "more than Ted Kennedy":

Now the next video is not to be missed. Romney gives a hardened 5 minute detailed statement on why he is unshakably pro-choice:

He now claims that at some point all he had to do was look into a petrie dish and realize that the embryos there were suddenly alive and needed protection from scientists doing stem cell research.....and voila....he was pro-life.