Mr. Beck

We are back to blogging! The time has come to get verbal again. We wanted to blog about health care, and will soon, but just wanted to put a quick note out there about Glen Beck, who is out on tour. On the front of his web page, he has a video from that tour where he tries to be funny in front of a receptive audience by telling "jokes" about the poor again. His final joke to an audience of gleeful Republicans on the video is that Republicans don't protest as much as Democrats because Republicans have jobs.

Of course he doesn't mention that blacks are the people he is mostly talking about. They are the ones in the Democratic party (who for some reason that Beck cannot explain) still voted almost as a unified body for Obama in the last election. Why? What Glen doesn't explain is how blacks were kept, not only from having jobs, but from obtaining capital like real estate. Most ended up in ghettos because it was actually illegal for blacks to get a mortgage or even live in white neighborhoods. No, he doesn't talk about how people were afraid that blacks would lower their home values or that his party did everything they could to fight against the civil rights act in the 60's. People are alive today who remember that they couldn't vote, get a job, or buy a house. Beck, the rest of the Republican leadership, just wants them to "get over it." No, actually Beck doesn't even say that. He dealt with the multi-century issue of slavery and racism by just calling the President of the United States a racist "with a deep seated hate for white people." Unfortunately, this doesn't help the dialogue of racism.

People are poor for all kinds of reasons. Those without money in our country have less of a voice that those with money. Everyone isn't like Mr. Beck or his white friends who have made their wealth off of the back of slave labor and sweat shop work in other countries. Mr. Beck should listen to the leaders of his own church as quoted in the Mormon section of this website. All Mormons don't agree with him and many actually feel that his hate speech is immoral and damaging to both America and the church to which he claims his allegiance.

It didn't go unnoticed by anyone who keeps on top of youtube that he completely changed his position on health care after moving to Fox news. Why change his position? Because hate speech pays in this country. But, hate also begets hate just like war begets war and he is only making things worse. If he only would simply express his opinions and ideas, all would be fine. But he doesn't limit himself to that. He incites hatred, bigotry, racism, and hate. When he goes on tour to make jokes at the expense of those who have had less of an opportunity than he has, he's simply not as funny as he thinks.

We appreciate the website that gives us a list of companies that still support this man and this Americans for Morality encourages people to stop supporting companies that do. Although this wasn't the purpose of their site, perhaps it can help those of us who want to make a moral statement against hate-speech.