Executive power

Bill Frist, Senate Majority leader was being interviewed yesterday by Chris Matthews on Hardball and they were discussing the new resolutions in the House and Senate being debated regarding terrorism. The resolutions basically state that Americans must support the war on terror until it is over. In light of growing tension in Iran, Matthews asked Frist point blank if the President now had authority to invade Iran without approval of congress. Frist refused to answer. The President claimed power to invade Iraq based on approval of Congress to go after Saddam specifically the year before. But now, the "war on terror" resolutions seem to be giving the executive even greater power. As long as they can claim an invasion is "terror related" the President can declare war from now until the end of time. Not since the phrase "clear and present danger" was twisted to increase executive authority, has anything given the President so much power. Did the constitutional authors foresee this when they said that only congress can declare war? With the number of American dead approaching the exact number that actually died on 9/11 in the twin towers, how much will Americans put up with to maintain their "way of life?"