bush speech today

Shock and awe describe the feelings of Amercians today who care about civil liberties and the power of the Executive Branch. Today, President Bush gave a speech that was frightening and chilling in extending the powers of his office again. Bush spoke of "methods" in which he obtained information from "enemy combatants" without disclosing those methods. He defended secret bases where he help these "combatants." What few on the right may understand is that if everything Bush said was true, meaning, that all the detainees are guilty and all the torture was "legally sanctioned." he is still wrong. Why? Because what if a President of the United States is corrupt? Whether or not you believe Bush is corrupt is not important to the discussion. If he is then there are no checks. There is no way to monitor the Executive powers he has taken upon himself in case he was corrupt. We have a system of checks and balances for a reason. That reason is because people with power can be corrupt. Not because they necessarily are corrupt. Can those on the right see the difference? We have a legal system for a reason. If a cop arrests someone we don't skip the trial process because we all believe the cop is honest. Detailed procedures are in place to protect the innocent. Because someone in the Executive says someone is an "enemy combatant," who checks that? How do we know if we don't have access to them? Now the Bush administration expect us to turn a blind eye to torture again. They want congress to decide what torture is because obviously we did work that out in Geneva. We want to believe torture is a legitamate method of interrogation because someone we trust said this is an "enemy combatant." But what if we don't trust them? Shall we give the same powers to someone who is not of our political persuasion? Fear and "security" will cause most people to easily relinquish their basic civil liberties.