Pedophilia and Politics

If any thing has shown us that education about pedophilia is necessary in America today, it is the 660 million dollar payoff by the Catholic Diocese of Los Angeles this week to victims of sexual abuse by clergy. Many don’t know that half of the payoff is being paid by insurance companies because the church actually had insurance against pedophilia accusations!

The number of children in America who have been victims of sexual abuse by adults is astonishing. According to the 1998 Commonwealth Fund Survey of the Health of Adolescent Girls, 7% of girls in grammar school are sexually abused. 67% of all reported sexual abuse is perpetrated on minors-- One third to grammar school age children.

Because of this, Barack Obama, mentioned this week that young children should be taught about inappropriate touching and how to protect themselves from pedophiles. Of course, Republican Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, immediately shot back in defense of Pedophiles everywhere. He accused Obama of wanting to teach “sex education” in kindergarten. Of course this was the same foundless accusation leveled by Alan Keyes in his failed race against the Senator. Obama has promoted “age-appropriate” education of our young people for their protection, and the right wing has overreacted again. Of course, these are the same people who believe pedophilia is connected to homosexuality. (You can read more about Catholic priests and the debunking of that myth here:

The right wing’s obsessions with sex, may actually be the cause of increased pedophilia, and other forms of sexual assault. Ex-priest and psychotherapist A.W.Richard Sipe, stated “There's strong psychological research showing that sexual deprivation can lead a person to turn to children.” Teaching kids that sex is “dirty, sinful, or depraved” and creating an atmosphere of secrecy in disseminating information about the subject, can put our children at risk both physically and psychologically. So which is more immoral, Obama’s desire to protect our children, or Romney’s desire to once again bury his head in the sand?