Wal Mart

Fox News just (11am, Sat. May 1) had a show about how tough life was for Wal Mart. Steve Forbes, as a guest on the show, lamented how unions forced poor Wal Mart into providing health benefits for its workers. Any guest on the show commenting against the mega-giant corporation was promptly interrupted and shouted down by the host of the show. This is, of course, during the supposed "news hours" of Fox news not the "commentary hours." The pundits raved about how many jobs Wal Mart creates in communities, with no mention of all of the jobs and businesses destroyed when Wal Mart moves into a community. In addition, no mention was made by a single guest about how many jobs are lost because Wal Mart's products don't come from Amercan workers, but rather from outsourced sweat shops and quasi slave labor in other countries. Instead, the broadcast was designed to make Wal Mart a poor victim and villify unions. What is unfortunate, is that so many Americans do not ask the tough questions: Where do these good prices come from? Where do we get our cheap products? These are moral questions.